Provide One-Stop Solutions for Customized VHH Discoveries

Single Domain Antibody-Conjugated Beads without the Influence of Light & Heavy Chains

IP / CO-IP / WB / ELISA experiment specific

About Us

AlpalifeBio is a contract research organization focused on VHH discovery and functional verification services. We have established VHH discovery platform, antibody engineering platform, quality analysis platform and protein purification platform with multiple expression systems, including bacteria, yeast, insect and mammalian cell expression systems, providing one-stop solution for VHH custom research. Also, we have anti-tag VHH products (such as VHHs against FLAG, HA, MYC, GFP, mCherry, mIgG) and proteases (such as 3C, TEV, SUMO).

Single Domain Antibody

Alpaca heavy chain antibody (HcAb) is a naturally occurring special antibody composed of only two heavy chains, each has one heavy chain variable domain (VHH in Antibody) and two conventional CH2 and CH3 domains . Alpaca heavy chain antibodies specifically bind to antigens through a variable domain (VHH) on the heavy chain, which can exist stably in vitro alone. The molecular weight of VHH is only 1/10 (about 15KD) of the conventional antibody, but it has complete antigen recognition ability.
  • High Stability,Mass Industrial Production
  • Higher Tissue Penetration
  • High Specificity
  • Suitable for Modification
  • Low Immunogenicity, Easy Humanization

Anti-Tag VHH Beads

Anti-Tag VHH beads are based on agarose beads or magnetic beads which are covalently coupled with alpaca VHHs with excellent performance and can pull down specific tag-fused protein and its interaction factors from tissues.
  • 01.
    Immunoprecipitation (IP) / CO-IP
  • 02.
    Mass Spectrometry
  • 03.
    Enzyme Activity Measurements
  • 04.
    ChiP / RIP Analysis